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Music Composition Lessons

Private online music composition instruction for composers.

This course is taught by a university instructor with decades of experience.

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The Musical Core

Learn the core musical elements required to complete advanced study in music composition.

This course is used by universities.

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Composition  Textbooks

Study on your own, and start your journey to develop the ability to compose music completely in your mind while learning the fundamental principles of music composition.

Articles on Composing Music

Composing Music According to Trends
It doesn’t require an expert in music theory or composition to judge an effective work from an ineffective work. If music is to fulfill a purpose for humans, then it follows that all listeners have the right to listen and judge a musical work. A highly trained musician may have...
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Learning to Compose Music
The art of composing music requires years of training, experience, and knowledge of some basic theory. However, this doesn't mean you can't learn to be a very effective composer without putting in thousands of hours of composing time. Anyone can learn to write music, but how far you go down...
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Taking Composition Lessons Online
Learning to compose music is a process that takes time and commitment. A talented composer with little training can get most of the information they need from listening to and analyzing the score of a master composer. Learning from the masters is an ideal way to study music composition, and...
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The Future of Music is Up in the Air
There are several technologies that are being developed that have the potential to change the landscape of electronic music composition. One of the biggest barriers for composers who want to get involved in sampling at a professional level is the cost of hardware, software, and samplers. A professional setup can cost...
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