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Admission to The Composer's Studio Students admitted to The Composer's Studio have access to music composition resources that allow them to communicate with the composition instructor, submit music compositions, and receive feedback. The lessons go beyond the basics and teach composers the ins and outs of composing. Many of the composition techniques are not readily available in theory texts, or other online programs that deal with mainstream music composition instructor. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, and we accept students that compose in a variety of musical genres.

Study Music Composition at Home

Composers who study music composition online do so from the comfort of their home. There are no due dates. A student simply follows a pre-programmed course of study that involves intensive composer feedback. Beginning student composers alternate between submitting original music composition assignments and theory-based coursework. Composers pay for the number of lessons they wish to take, and there is great flexibility in how often assignments are expected to be submitted.

Music Composition Lesson Overview

Online music composition lessons are taught by composer, Kevin Ure. More information about the music composition instructor can be found by visiting his website, The Music of Kevin Ure.

Music composition lessons take composers through a series of online music composition courses aimed at developing the composer's knowledge of music theory in a practical manner by teaching composers how music theory relates to the organization of music. Starting with the fundamentals, music composition lessons teach concepts of unity, variety, and the aesthetics of musical form. While formal training in music isn't required to begin studying music composition, a commitment to learning about basic musical concepts is highly encouraged. 

Composers develop their composition ability through a three-part process that continually repeats:
Composers learn how to write for a variety of ensembles through coursework provided online. Courses provide appropriate fundamental training in music composition while private instruction allows a student composer to develop creatively by writing original compositions. 

This three-part approach to training composers allows music composition students to progress rapidly and develop their own individual musical voice and style.

Adequate progress for a composer requires that the student composer complete approximately two musical works per year and stays active in the current course. One of the works should be performed publicly by a local group or by the composer. Performances can be in the form of a recording or community event.